Marine & Aviation

Marine & Aviation

For standard marine radio communication principally three kinds of equipment are used:

  • VHF transceivers for short-range (up to 50 Km) communications.
  • HF-SSB transceivers for long-range (up to 5000 Km) communications.
  • Satellite transceivers for world-wide communications.

Bison Technologies sells the products mentioned above according to the customer’s preferences.

Both Marine and Aviation fields use equipment supplied by ICOM, Standard Horizon, which we sell, deliver, Install and offer training on their usage and Programming.

ICOM is a leader on the marine radio communication market. It offers a full and diversified range going from the VHF portable radio to the fixed marine VHF range. ICOM is at the centre of any and all challenges encountered by the sea professionals. It combines reliability, easy use and advanced functions at the same time.

Airband Radios are used in the Aviation Industry. They use very high frequencies (VHF), between 108 and 137 MHz, and channels that differ from those used on the ground. These frequencies are specially reserved for use between aircraft and ground control.

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