CIB BNC Video Cable Power Wire

  • 150 feet CCTV cable with power cable in Black, also support SDI, TVI, CVI and AHD camera
  • Plug and Play ready for 1080P/720P or CCTV camera SDI, TVI, TVI, AHD with DC power Supply
  • Video/Power cable with BNC connectors and DC connectors
  • This product is CIB Security Exclusive with CIB brand name

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–Video Cable–Coax Cable AWG:26 AWG;Conductor Diameter:0.016 in;Conductor Material: BC-Bare Copper;Insulation Diameter:0.078 in;Insulation Material:FPE – Foam Polyethylene;Shield material & coverage:AL foil 100% + AL braid 51% double shieldImpedance:75 ohms;Capacitance:17.9 F/ft; Propagation velocity:77% Delay:1.31 ns/ft;Conductor DC resistance: 42 ohms / 1000 ft;Shield DC resistance:18 ohms / 1000 ft –Power Cable– Power cable AWG:23 AWG;Conductor Material:Bare Copper Insulation Material:PVC;Cable Volt Drop(100ft):0V-1V –Mechanical Characteristics– Max. operating voltage: 300 V RMS (non-UL);Temperature: -30 to +75 degrees Celsius;Min. bend radius: 1.15 in;Max. pulling tension: 33 LBS;Nominal weight: 19 LBS / 1000 ft –Connector– Video cable: BNC male to BNC male;Power cable:DC male to DC female –Application– HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD & Analog CCTV systems;recommended distance:HD-SDI system: 200ft;HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD & Analog system: 400ft