Kenwood Battery29N

The Kenwood KNB 29N is a high quality Nickel Metal Hydride DC 1500mAh cell that is designed to work with the Kenwood TK-2200, TK-3200, TK-2202 and TK-3202 series radios that came with the KSC-31 Charger Stand. Kenwood KNB-29N NiMH Battery Pack is long lasting, up to 14 hours of use. This is the Kenwood KNB29 NiMH Battery. It is compatible with the Kenwood 2200 / 3200 radios. The battery has an 14 hour life 5-5-90 duty radio battery. This is a top end high quality replacement battery.

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Replacement Battery, Charger & Earpiece with Push to Talk (PTT) Microphone – Compatible with Kenwood TK-2200, Kenwood TK-2202, Kenwood TK-2300, Kenwood TK-3200, Kenwood TK-3202, Kenwood TK-3300 Replacement for Kenwood KNB-29N Two-Way Radio Batteries. Transparent coiled acoustic tube provides clear audio quality in any type of environment Lightweight flexible and skin friendly materials adds comfort for extended wear time. Low profile design for a stealth look and feel. Convenient PTT push to talk button prevents unwanted or accidental radio transmission. Capacity: 1600mAh; Upstart Battery Brand; QTY: 1 Battery, 1 Charger, 1 Earpiece. Charger works on NICD & NIMH batteries only. Will not charger Lithium-Ion batteries.