Kenwood NX-1300


The NX-1300 has an amass of features that aide with both usability of the radio and the safety of operators at work. VOX Voice Activation is a feature that can be used when you have a compatible accessory, allowing for your radio to be used hands free as the radio begins transmitting when you begin to speak, such a feature is ideal for environments whereby both hands are required when completing a job. An emergency button can be programmed to the NX-1300 as a safety precaution for your workers, should a situation arise whereby an operator has a safety or security issue then pressing this button will quickly notify other radios within the fleet that a worker may be in danger. Alongside this emergency button that is manually pressed, the NX-1300 can also be programmed with the feature Lone Worker.



  • Single/Group/All Call.
  • DMR Tier II Conventional Operation.
  • Site Roaming.
  • DMR Auto Slot Select.
  • Dual Slot Direct Mode.
  • Digital / Analogue Mixed mode.
  • Call Interruption.
  • Remote Stun / Kill, Monitor,
  • Check & Control.

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