Kenwood NXR-5800


This NEXEDGE® VHF/UHF digital and FM base-repeater has 7X faster processing speed and 15X more memory capacity than prior versions (NXR-700/800). You can support analog/digital conventional systems as well as a highly sophisticated NEXEDGE Gen2 multi-site digital trunked network because of the greatly enhanced data storage. The repeater is designed to accommodate new firmware releases as they are announced including Digital Simulcast.



  • Mixed NXDN Digital & FM Analog Operation
  • NXDN Type-C, Gen2 Trunking & Conventional Built-in 0.5 ppm TCXO
  • Conventional IP Networks
  • FER (Frame Error Rate) / RSSI Output
  • External FM Analog Trunking Controller Interface (LTR/MPT1327)
  • Site Roaming Capability
  • Telephone Interconnect Option
  • Accessories Where to B

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