Kenwood NXR-800


The NXR-800 is a VHF digital repeater from Kenwood. With mixed analogue and digital operation, the NXR-700 completely supports NXDN Type-C trunking alongside 2nd Generation and NXDN Conventional. A 2-digit LED display is present on the front of the repeater, this alongside multiple LED status indicators, a 3W external speaker and volume control.



  • Fully Supports NXDN Type-C Trunking & 2nd Generation as well as NXDN Conventional
  • Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation
  • Built-in IP Interface for sending remote control command in both conventional and trunking modes
  • 30 Channel Scanning Base Station (Conventional Mode)
  • 0.5-5 W, 5-25 W RF/Exciter Output Programmable AUX I/O’s
  • LED Status Indicators
  • 6 Programmable Function Keys
  • 0.3 W Front Panel Speaker
  • 3 W External Speaker Audio
  • KXK-3 OCXO Option
  • KPG-110SM System Manager PC Software Option
  • KPG-149RM/SA Repeater Monitor PC & iOS app
  • FM Analog Trunking Controller Interface (LTR/MPT1327)
  • Telephone Interconnect Adapter Option

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