Rail Mount Face Shield ST – RMFS

The Sarkar range of StormForce© ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, innovative technology and handle system.

They are available in a standard range of sizes and in a number of different protection levels.

Designed to meet the unique needs of the first responder. Compact enough to fit in the trunk of a patrol cruiser, the Sarkar Rana shield allows you to accomplish your mission safely and effectively with enhanced cover and uncompromised mobility.


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Rail Mount anti fog coated face shield system designed to fit helmets with side rails. Shield locks into the stowed, deployed, or halfway positions and can be released with one hand. Pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to right or left of the shield for individual preference. Shield length is 6 inches.

Unparalleled fit and function over any similar product. The 0.250” thickness is rated to withstand fragmentation, while the premium anti fog and anti abrasion coatings give the shield a longer service life. Optically correct lens minimizes distortion and optimizes visibility.