Single unit chargers IMPRES

Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance. Talk time and cycle life are optimized as the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated. Advanced conditioning features allow batteries to be left on the charger for extended periods of time with incurring heat damage. In addition, batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when you need them. Mix and match any MOTOTRBO IMPRES™ or non-IMPRES™ radio battery (except SL4000 battery) in these chargers


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  • Reconditioning capable Yes Weight 151(g)
  • Number of Pockets 1
  • Operating voltage (AC) US – 110 Euro – 100 to 240 UK – 100 to 230
  • Charger type IMPRES
  • Chemistry Li-Ion, NiMH Charge rate
  • Rapid Rate Power cable
  • UK EU, US, Euro Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.23″ x 3.82″ x 7.88″


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