Kenwood TKD-200(G)


The KENWOOD TK-D200(G)/D300(G) provides all the benefits of advanced digital technology – such as low audio noise for superior clarity and advanced vocoding technology for inherently secure voice communication – to increase the efficiency of your business, and is compatible with both analogue and digital modes. The large colour LCD display and intuitive GUI are designed for user-friendly operation



  • High-resolution Colour 2.0-inch QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) Transflective TFT Display
  • Recessed and Sunlight-Readable Display
  • Intuitive, User-friendly GUI
  • Text capacity of up to 368 Characters per Message
  • Storage for 200 Status Messages
  • High-speed Start-up
  • Emergency Status Detection with Motion Sensor
  • GPS Data Transmission for Each Channel
  • 3-colour LED (Red, Green, Orange)
  • Enhanced Audio Quality
  • IP54/55 & MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G
  • Max. RF Output Power: 5W for VHF (TK-D200(G)), 4W for UHF (TK-D300(G))
  • Model Variations (VHF and UHF): Full 18-key model with colour 2-inch display and integrated GPS module
  • Full 18-key model with colour 2-inch display
  • Non-keypad, non-display model with integrated
  • GPS module Non-keypad, non-display model

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