Kenwood TKD-300


The TK-D300 is a UHF two way radio from Kenwood. Analogue and digital compatible, the TK-D300 is an ideal solution should you be looking to migrate from an analogue to digital system. With a digital radio offering much higher quality audio, you are capable of programming the TK-D300 to have the same analogue channels as your original radios, then once you have emitted all of the original analogue radios from your network the programmed analogue channels can be changed to digital.



  • High-resolution Colour 2.0-inch QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) Transflective TFT Display
  • Recessed and Sunlight-Readable Display
  • Intuitive, User-friendly GUI
  • Text capacity of up to 368 Characters per Message
  • Storage for 200 Status Messages
  • High-speed Start-up
  • Emergency Status Detection with Motion Sensor
  • GPS Data Transmission for Each Channel
  • 3-colour LED (Red, Green, Orange)
  • Enhanced Audio Quality
  • IP54/55 & MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G
  • Max. RF Output Power: 5W for VHF (TK-D200(G)), 4W for UHF (TK-D300(G))
  • Model Variations (VHF and UHF): Full 18-key model with colour 2-inch display and integrated GPS module
  • Full 18-key model with colour 2-inch display
  • Non-keypad, non-display model with integrated
  • GPS module Non-keypad, non-display model

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