Vertex Standard VX-1700 HF (SSB) Radio

Vertex Standard

Designed to operate both as a mobile radio or base station for long-haul land mobile communication, the multi-purpose 125-Watt VX-1700 is the ideal choice for any applications. Operating modes include LSB/USB (J3E and J2B), AM (A3E) and CW (A1A)


  • Frequency Coverage :RX: 30Vertex Standard VX-1700 HF (SSB) Radio kHz ~ 30.0000 MHz in 10 Hz
  • StepsTX: 1.600 ~ 30.0000 MHzA1A (CW), J3E (LSB/USB)
  • A3E (AM), J2B (USB/LSB)
  • 200 Memory Channels (arranged in five banks)
  • Alpha-Numeric Labeling of Memory Channels
  • Power Output:125 Watts (A1A, J2B, J3E @1.6000 ~ 3.9999 MHz)
  • 100 Watts (A1A, J2B, J3E @4.0000 ~ 30.000 MHz)31 Watts AM Carrier (A3E @1.6000 ~ 3.9999 MHz)25 Watts AM Carrier (A3E @4.0000 ~ 30.000 MHz)
  • Mobile Antenna (Optional)
  • Selcall / Telcall Built-inSelcallTelcallMessage Call
  • Position Request CallPosition
  • Send Call(with GPS receiver connected)
  • Beacon Request
  • CallALE Operation (requires optional ALE-1 unit)
  • Dual Watch Operation
  • External Automatic Antenna Tuner,FC-30 (Coax) and FC-40 (Wire)
  • AvailableVOXNoise
  • BlankerDimmer Function
  • CW Side Tone Function
  • CW Semi-break-inĀ®
  • TranscryptSSB Encryption
  • UnitSC20-455 Available (Optional)

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Vertex Standard


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