Our Services

Bison Technologies has delivered several mission – critical communication projects in several domains including :

  • Government institutions
  • Commercial and retail financial institutions
  • Government security agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private security firms
  • Medium and small enterprises

Our services

Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering

Designing and implementing radio frequency solutions, including antennas, to optimize communication in specific environment.

Antenna Design & Installation

Designing and installing specialized antennas for optimal performance in marine, aviation and government appliances.

Radio Spectrum Management

Handling frequency allocation and management to avoid interference and ensure efficient use of the radio spectrum.

Maritime Communication.

Providing HF and VHF radio communication services for maritime vessels, ensuring reliable communication at sea.

Aviation Communication

Offering HF and VHF radio services for air traffic control, aircraft-to-aircraft communication, and ground communication at airport.

Mast Installation

Bison Technologies provides a full turnkey service for mast and tower projects, encompassing design, foundation design, structural analysis, supply, installation, inspection, and maintenance. 

Networking Solutions

Providing solutions for businesses, including virtual private networks (VPNs) and other networking services.

Internet Access

Providing broadband and dial-up connections for internet connectivity.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards governing radio communication in these sectors.

Satellite Communications.

Integrating HF and VHF technologies with satellite communication for extended for extended coverage and reliability in remote and challenging terrains.

CAK License and Frequency Application

Bison Technologies is a leading consultant with vast experience for CAK License and Frequency Application in Kenya having operated in the telecommunications sector for many years.

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