Thuraya HDR Fixed flange


TH-SDU FLANGE is an SDU with a flange mount component, designed for small ISR fixed-wing platforms and all rotary platforms. TH-SDU-FL is the first SDU version up for release and meets the strictest qualification standards for aviation communication components in both fixed- and rotary wing aircrafts. In later releases, TH-SDU-FL will deliver added capabilities for embedded data encryption, and 2-channel configuration with additional slot for 2nd VIP Turbo Aero or single-channel configuration with additional slot for HD580 video streaming module.



  • Its main purpose is to combine signals received from the High Gain Antenna and split transmit signals from the SDU. The DLNA also provides a low noise Amplifier to amplify the signals received from the satellite. Further significant function of the device is that it blankets system generated disruptive noise, harmonics and inter-modulation signals to ensure impact free inter-operation with other systems.
  • The device is equipped with an ARINC 781 port.
  • Length: 281 mm, Width: 187 mm, Height: 48 mm, Weight: 2.6 kg

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